Funding Human Clinical Trials

It is an established fact that a disproportionately large number of promising cancer therapies hit a financial roadblock before they are are able to begin human trials or during early phases of those trials. CanceRx recognizes that by removing this financial roadblock it could open the lanes for a greater number of potential cures. Therefore CanceRx concentrates on providing funding opportunities for these trials.

Deploys a new application of a well-established finance mechanism to fund human-phase clinical cancer research.
Accelerates the delivery of targeted, more effective personalized cancer treatments for patients.
Structures a diversified portfolio of highly selective promising clinical phase cancer therapeutics.
Leverages high-impact charitable giving with the utilization of long-term bond financing to match the speed of science.

The Innovative CanceRx Approach

  • Selects a large diversified portfolio of new life-saving drugs, therapeutics and diagnostics.
  • Finances projects that undertake challenges ranging from early detection protocols to state-of-the-art diagnostics to personalized molecular treatments — the right treatment, for the right person, in the right dosage, at right time.
  • Brings together top biomedical research and finance experts to drive seamless pathways to accelerate outcomes.
  • Enhances existing academic and philanthropic cancer funding by driving patient outcomes through financing the next essential phase of human clinical research and FDA approvals.
  • Overcomes market failures through scale and diversification, and long-run finance that de-risks and matches the speed of the science.
  • Drives patient outcomes through the introduction of effective new therapies, capable of producing long and meaningful remissions with good quality of life and affordable costs.