CanceRx Mission

The CanceRx mission is to accelerate clinical phase cancer research and FDA approvals by synchronizing finance with the speed of science to achieve more effective therapies capable of producing long and meaningful remission with good quality of life and affordable costs.

What Is CanceRx

CanceRx deploys a new application of a well-established finance method
to fund human-phase clinical cancer research.

Structures a diversified portfolio of highly selective promising clinical phase cancer therapeutics
Accelerates the delivery of targeted, more effective personalized cancer treatments for patients
Leverages high-impact charitable giving with the utilization of long-term bond financing to match the speed of science

What Makes CanceRx Different

  • Diverts from the traditional single shot on goal, one-size-fits-all approach to cancer treatments.
  • Invests in a highly scrutinized, diversified portfolio of cancer therapeutics designed to achieve higher probabilities of success for patients.
  • Adopts a funding mechanism of long-run bond-financing rather than the short-run, high-cost usage of private equity financing — matching the financing to the speed of science.
  • Drives patient outcomes over commercial profits.
  • Provides a structure for an IRS approved, wholly owned downstream for-profit subsidiary to generate a continuous flow of substantial revenues back to the foundation.
  • Returns profits to the CanceRx Foundation to continue to further cancer clinical research.
  • Creates a high-impact “Evergreen” funding approach to accelerate cancer therapeutics and diagnostics from bench-to-bedside application.

You Can Donate to the CanceRx Foundation

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), there are as many as 20,000 potentially life-saving basic cancer therapy patents, which due to enormous cost and high attrition rates remain dormant.

CanceRx is dedicated to multiplying the probability of success by increasing the number of projects funded through the critical human clinical trial stage with scale, diversification, and the new application of finance.